Westfield Foundation Awards Over $100K in Grants to Local Communities in Q4 (TAPintoWestfield)

The Westfield Foundation’s Board of Trustees recently concluded a dynamic grant cycle, allocating over $100,000 to support local organizations dedicated to enhancing community well-being and advancing diverse missions. Katie Curran Darcy, the Executive Director, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “This grant cycle was extremely robust in its applicants. We are thrilled to welcome three new organizations to The Westfield Foundation and take great pride in the diversity of those served among these grantees.”

El Centro Hispanoamericano: Navigating the Immigration System for Asylum Seekers

El Centro, an organization aiding those seeking asylum and at risk of navigating the immigration system, is a recipient of the Westfield Foundation’s support. The granted funds will fortify El Centro’s program, providing vital support for individuals navigating the intricate legal system. This includes a 6-month project featuring a series of informational workshops and in-depth consultations.

New Jersey Festival Orchestra: Enriching Lives through Cultural Vibrancy

The Westfield Foundation proudly contributes to the cultural vibrancy of the community by providing free concert tickets for residents in local senior citizen housing and assisted living facilities through the New Jersey Festival Orchestra.

Catalyst Theater Production: Illuminating the Stage with New Lighting Equipment

As a new grantee and a burgeoning production company, Catalyst Theater Production will illuminate the stage with new lighting equipment. The funds awarded will enhance their productions, contributing to the cultural landscape of the community.

Cancer Care: Alleviating Financial Burdens for Union County Patients

Recognizing the financial challenges faced by cancer patients, the Westfield Foundation allocates funds to Cancer Care. This support will provide direct financial assistance for cancer-related costs, including childcare, food, nutritional needs, and general household expenses, alleviating the financial burdens associated with cancer care for Union County patients.

Center For Hope Hospice: Expanding Palliative Care Services

Continuing a two-decade partnership, the Westfield Foundation supports the Center for Hope Hospice in expanding palliative care services. The aim is to meet the growing demand for in-home nursing services, assisting seniors dealing with chronic health issues to remain independent in their own homes.

Hyacinth: Enhancing Outreach with Translation Devices

Hyacinth, a new grantee, will receive support to acquire translation devices, fortifying their outreach programs and ensuring effective communication within the community. Their mission is to help people live with HIV, stop the spread of the epidemic, and serve as a critical voice in the public debate surrounding AIDS in New Jersey.

Students 2 Science: Expanding STEM Learning Opportunities

Through funding from the Westfield Foundation, Students 2 Science will expand STEM learning opportunities for students from under-resourced communities near Westfield. This aligns with the Foundation’s commitment to inspiring, motivating, and educating students in economically disadvantaged communities to pursue careers in STEM subjects.

Somerset YMCA: Critical Support for Youth Development Programs

The Westfield Foundation extends critical support to the Somerset YMCA for youth development programs in Plainfield. This includes after-school programs, childcare, summer camps, swimming lessons, and tutoring.

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