Thank You to the Westfield Community

Dear Community Members of Westfield,

The strength of our town is its citizens who offer their talents, treasures and time through a variety of service agencies. Prominent among these organizations is The Westfield Foundation, which for the last thirty-five years through your donations and bequests has supported the Arts, social services, education, health and civic activities.

In 2012, the Westfield Foundation distributed $225,000 in grants to thirty two different agencies, among them:  the Westfield Symphony, the Westfield Historical Society, Children’s Specialized Hospital and Habitat for Humanity.  When Hurricane Sandy struck, the Foundation immediately set aside $15,000 for community relief and $10,000 to the Westfield Food Pantry.

Our funds help people with promising civic projects to launch them, so they can become sustainable agencies that meet a specific community need.  Imagine Inc., a center for coping with loss, received a start up grant of $15,000 and is now on track to serve twenty families and sixty children dealing with loss due to the death of a parent or sibling.

In the spirit of this holiday season, I would like to thank everyone who so generously contributed to our work this year.  As you travel around our community, you can see some of the ways your dollars have made a difference.  Grants from the Westfield Foundation helped fund monuments to our veterans, create the Reeve History and Cultural Center, as well as the Westfield Symphony’s Holiday and New Year’s Eve Performances.

Sincerely yours,

William Foley

President, the Westfield Foundation